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Latest News

Robin's Diary


Imitation? I'm Flattered   They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so today I feel flattered. As regular readers will know, I don’t usually talk about my own business in the diary but this week I saw a TV advert from a national dealer group who have ‘borrowed’…
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Robin's Diary


Has the world gone mad? I commented to a customer on social media this week about how times have changed, not due to computers, nor the internet, not down to phones, nor clean air or plastic bags, but simply because of rules and regulations and how they have made just the simple things far more…
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Robin's Diary 18th January 2019


Brexit Free Zone!! I am regularly asked about the future of cars, what type of engines, petrol, diesel or electric, so I thought I would give you my viewpoint and the reasons behind it. Firstly, adding more technology and extra power units to vehicles can only increase weight and cost, so there is a…
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Robin's Diary


As recycling is a very hot topic at the moment, especially after many of us will have either been to the recycling centre ( tip to us older folk) or have a wheelie bin overflowing, I thought you may be interested to know that car manufacturers are legally bound to bear any cost of scrapping one of…
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Luscombe's Leeds Buck Trend with Good Reason


Leeds-based Suzuki and Mitsubishi main dealerships, Luscombe Motors, is entering the New Year having posted an amazing 2000 total new and used car sales in 2018, an increase of 6.5% on its bumper 2017 results. In achieving this outstanding number, a jubilant Robin Luscombe, owner of the company,…
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Robin's Diary 18th December 2018


Do we have enough electric?? As you will no doubt be aware, the car industry is moving towards electric, but at present it’s a bit like the old VHS and Betamax video situation because no-one really knows which technology will prove to be the answer. At present we have Mild Hybrid, Hybrid,…
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Raising money on Christmas Jumper Day


Christmas Jumper Day at Luscombe’s - Just another example of teamwork at Luscombe’s – lots of the Luscombe Staff, including MD Robin Luscombe, donned their Festive Jumpers today to raise money for the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day.  Says Robin “It is just…
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Robin's Diary 7 December 2018


I had an interesting conversation this week with an industry guru who has a broader knowledge across all brands than I have and he has confirmed my opinion that many reasons are combining together which will drive up the cost up of new cars in 2019.  Sadly I reckon the days of low priced new…
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Robin's Diary 22nd November 2018


The launch of the New long-awaited Suzuki Jimny, replacing a 20 year old modern cult model, is going to create a stir – (don’t worry this isn’t an advert for the Jimny, the situation is the same for the New Mitsubishi Shogun )– I am using them as examples to explain why,…
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Robin's Diary 9th November 2018


Over the weekend, I went past the church in Otley and was blown away by the display of Poppies.  I then noticed the lamp posts adorned with large poppies in Eldwick.  I am pleased to say that these are not isolated displays of remembrance, however a few years ago, I am sure I can remember…
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Whilst the decision that Channel 4 is moving to Leeds is obviously great news for businesses like ours based in Leeds, I can understand there will be some people thinking, so what, it’s only 200 jobs!   So here is why, in my opinion, the move is certainly worth far more to Leeds than just…
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Robin's Diary 26th October 2018


To be honest, it’s difficult to find some good news to talk about this week. I’m certainly not going near what’s in the news this week! However, it does give me the chance to thank and congratulate all the team at work.   It is now over eight months since I damaged my back,…
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Confused.Com Business Owner


Ok let me start by explaining - Firstly, whilst I can’t claim to be the greenest tree hugging, green peace supporter in the world, I do have an interest in the long term future of the planet, as I became a grandparent this year, and, there’s every chance, as my son is getting married…
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Latest News - Government to cut Plug in Car Grant


If you want a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, be quick, the government grant will stop before November 11th! That’s worth £2500!!! So be quick!! The plug-in car grant will  no longer apply to hybrid cars with a range of less than 70 zero emission miles, from November 12. The…
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Robin's Diary 11th October 2018


This week it emerged that Facebook, like many other worldwide digital businesses, has paid very little tax in the UK.  I know it’s an incredibly difficult situation, as these companies don’t need to have a base here, and if they move their base, like many already have, to other…
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Robin's Diary 27th September 2018


  The recent figures showing a massive uplift in new car sales in August, reminded me of the days when the new registration really made cars look different, and August 1st in particular was a massive day for car dealerships and customers who wanted their new car on the 1st!  A new…
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Latest Motability Update – 7 Seater Mitsubishi 4x4 only £1299 Initial Rental!!


The brand new 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 4x4 SUV has just been added to the Motability list.  It is the only 7 seater, Automatic 4x4 of its kind, in terms of space and ease of access, on the Motability scheme which has an initial rental under £2000 - in fact the initial rental is only…
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Robin's diary 14th September 2018


The John Lewis Partnership   I have noticed that John Lewis and Waitrose are spending an absolute fortune promoting the inclusion of ‘Partnership’ on their branding, obviously they see the value of a business with the right culture running through the core of the company.  I…
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Robin's Diary 30th August 2018


What about the kids who don’t get GCSEs? Recently the news has been full of exam results, as it is every year, but with more and more going on to college and less leaving for vocational jobs and training, I dread to think how lots of these young people must feel if they aren’t as good in…
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Great News for Outlander PHEV Buyers!


Plug-in car grants extended until October 2018   Government grants for plug-in vehicles have now been extended until October 2018, despite the Department for Transport previously stating it would only remain in its current capacity until April    It has been announced that the rates…
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Robin's Diary 16th August 2018


School days and spelling!!   It’s really surprising that I now find myself writing a diary every week and enjoying writing it!   When I was at school, I was always bottom of the class in the spelling tests, my essays were littered with spelling mistakes, and that was even after I had…
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Robin's Diary 27th July 2018


I make no apology in my diary this week for mentioning a very proud moment last week when we won both the Retailer of the Year and Customer Choice awards at the Auto Trader’s Retailer awards ceremony.  We had been picked from 13,000 car dealers in the UK with Auto Trader accounts! …
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Luscombe’s Leeds scoop two awards at the 11th Auto Trader Retailer Awards


Leeds based retailer, tops list of c.13,000   Luscombe Suzuki and Mitsubishi on Low Road, Hunslet in Leeds are celebrating winning two awards at the national 2018 Auto Trader Retailer Awards. Based in Leeds but serving a vast area beyond, Luscombe’s Leeds won not only the Customer Choice…
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Luscombe’s Staff Meeting – a great night was had by all!


Luscombe Suzuki and Mitsubishi on Low Road, Hunslet in Leeds held a meeting for all the Staff at their showrooms last night. Despite MD Robin Luscombe still recovering from a recent back operation, he pulled out all the stops so that he could host the event – and his efforts were very much…
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Robin's diary 12th July 2018


The ups and downs on the rocky road of life. This week I am reflecting on the disappointment of doing so well but coming up short, no matter if it’s football, business or life generally. I have been lucky enough over the years to enjoy success in all areas of life, sport and business, but…
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Cupcakes all round at Luscombe Mitsubishi!


Today is 2nd July 2018 which means it is 8 years to the day since Robin opened the doors to Luscombe Suzuki in Leeds! Robin  acquired the Suzuki Dealership for Leeds in 2010 from Robert Bowett in July 2010 followed by the Mitsubishi Dealership, also from Robin Bowett in 2013 – On…
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Robin's Diary 27th June 2018


  It’s not often we get to celebrate England teams winning but it seems we’re on a roll! Football, Cricket and both Rugby codes all won big games last week, with the Cricketers claiming a 5.0 series win over the Aussies!  So is it our turn to surprise the world and make us all…
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Robin's Diary 13th June 2018


The best time to buy a new car! I am often asked by friends about the best time to buy a car, a difficult question, as usually it’s when you need or want one, but now and again there are good reasons, sometimes driven by currency, sometimes by legislation, or sometimes just supply. Well…
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Robin's Diary 31st May 2018


Facetime to Face to Face! Is the answer always online, or is the amazing world of technology just an aide to normal life?  I think we can become too obsessed with ‘online everything’, and certainly the World Wide Web has as much to answer for as it has to be celebrated!  I…
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Robin's Diary 17th May 2018


This week we had the pleasure to present first prize for the St Gemma’s Hospice 40th Anniversary Car Raffle - it’s the fourth time we have helped St Gemma’s and as a result they have raised over £200,000 from the cars we have supported them with.  What a great feeling…
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Great News for Retail Car Sales!


Strange isn't how failing car sales make headline news yet April’s brilliant figures didn’t even get a mention this weekend on any news channels, and I doubt they even made many papers! So here’s the great news - Retail sales are up 26.3% so the general public, real car…
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Robin's Diary 3rd May 2018


Auto pilot and new technology…. A driver has just been banned for pressing the Autopilot button on his Tesla on the M1 and moving into the passenger seat!!  He received a hefty driving ban and sentence for community service – and I say “rightly so”!! This begs the…
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Robin's diary 20th April 2018


Use Common Sense!  Learn by your mistakes! We seem to be in a world where we are either not expected or allowed to have or use simple common sense!  Rules, regulations, and probably more importantly lack of responsibility and trust seem to be removing the flair, intuition, satisfaction and…
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Robin's Diary 5th April 2018


I am certainly not a Chelsea or Man Utd fan, but I do think it is very sad that at just 61, Ray Wilkins, a seemingly fit guy has suffered a fatal heart attack - It just brings it home to me that at 57 next and my Mrs a little older, what a short time we really do get and I have realised that Life is…
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Luscombe’s ‘People-Before-Profit’ ethos wins even more awards!


Luscombe’s Leeds, the Suzuki and Mitsubishi Main Dealer in Leeds, has just added two more trophies to its awards cabinet.  This week the Auto Industry Excellence Awards were held in Dorking, Surrey, to celebrate the success of UK businesses in the motor Industry and allow them and their…
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Robin's Diary 23rd March 2018


Teamwork and always learning!!   Last Sunday in spite of the ‘orange warning’ telling us the obvious, (that it was snowing), I was humbled by my technicians and valeting team who had still managed to make it in to work at 8.00am – they were there supporting the sales and…
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Another Award for “Excellent Customer Service” at Luscombe Mitsubishi


Here at Luscombe Mitsubishi on Low Road, Hunslet in Leeds, we believe in treating our customers fairly in an open and honest manner and to ensure we achieve that, we work closely with the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Motor Trade Partnership who promote best practice in the new and used car…
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Robin's Diary 8th March 2018


I was surprised this week to see our own Parliament assassinating Bradley Wiggins, who was only recently honoured by the Queen, when he hasn’t had the chance to defend himself yet - if he is guilty of cheating, he deserves everything and more, but, at present it seems like they are…
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Robin's Diary 21st February 2018


You never know what’s around the corner!! Everything was going so well, but a bit of a jolt seems to have caused me major trouble! I am writing the diary this week laid flat on my back, having inadvertently caused some damage to it – I can’t walk, can’t sit, and having been…
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The award-winning Mitsubishi dealership in Leeds, Luscombe Mitsubishi have bolstered their trophy cabinet with a major win at the AM Automotive Management Awards 2018 held last week in Birmingham.   Luscombe Mitsubishi, which was shortlisted for five awards, won the fiercely-contested…
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Robin's Diary 9th Feb 2018


No sacking’s here!! Unlike the local football clubs, who have both disposed of their managers this week, there won’t be any at Luscombe’s! It may be the motor industry isn’t like football, but it certainly comes with its pressures, including constant pressure from…
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Robin's Diary 24th January 2018


Clean Air! As Leeds City Council have announced plans to discuss how to reduce air pollution in the City Centre, it will be interesting to see how far and how quickly things will change.  Initially the targets are Taxis, HGVs and Buses, but, in the consultation document, even the Council…
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Robin's Diary 10th Jan 2018


Not only is it the Baftas and the Oscars at this time of year, it’s also the Automotive Management ‘AM Awards’ in February, and today, just like the Film awards, they have announced their shortlist.  The great news is we have been nominated for five awards - Best Franchised…
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Robin's diary 27th December 2017


I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you joy and happiness, and maybe a few presents you wanted.  Now we can all look forward to 2018, but before we do, I thought it would be good to take a look back over 2017, but then I don’t think it’s been such a…
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Robin's diary 7th December 2017


Well, much to my disappointment, even Joe Root couldn’t save the Cricket team down-under, and it’s not looking good for the Ashes.  The Rugby League team did us proud however, even though they lost the World Cup Final to Australia - they put in a great performance, against the…
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CarGurus awards Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds with Top-Rated UK Dealer Award for Highest Shopper Ratings in 2017


CarGurusâ, a leading consumer automotive shopping website, today announced it has named award winning Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds a CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer of 2017. This marks the first year CarGurus is presenting the awards in the UK after launching the site last year. CarGurus uses…
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Robin's diary 23rd November 2017


Mates, Bikes and Family….   Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Spain to compete in a Classic Motorbike trial, the Costa Brava 2 Day Classic. Whilst I was there having a great time, riding my bike in one of the biggest and most prestigious events in Europe, I could…
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Luscombe Motors named "Best UK Dealership To Work For"!


Luscombe Motors, the Suzuki and Mitsubishi Dealership in Leeds, has been named one of the UK’s Best Dealerships To Work For in a new programme launched by Automotive Management, the UK’s leading automotive retail business publication. Says MD Robin Luscombe, “I am very proud to be…
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Robin's diary 9th November 2017


This week I had the pleasure of listening to Linda Moir who was responsible for all the Games Maker volunteers at the 2012 London Olympics.  Part of her presentation included the video they made in 2005 as part of the bid to win the Games for London -  at the time, we didn’t think we…
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Robin's diary 26th October 2017


It’s that time of year again when the talk is about awards nominations for films, TV programmes, Actors, sports personalities etc and it is the same for  the Motor Trade as we are working on our entries  to the Motor Trade magazines ‘Dealer Awards’.  As you know I am…
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Robin's Diary 12th October 2017


We have to start this week with Rugby League, and the amazing Grand Final win for Leeds Rhinos - and also a massive well done to the Castleford Tigers on winning the League Leaders shield, but coming up short against the experience of the Rhinos in a fiercely contested game – which is more…
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Robin's diary 27th September 2017


I seem to be getting grumpy and in danger of turning the diary into a weekly moan, so this week it's a ‘Good News’ story!   One of our customers, Peter Smith, who I got to know about 7 years ago while buying his car, told me about a Dementia Cafe he was trying to establish -…
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Are you aware of the Impact of ‘Disruptors’ on Buying a Car?


In most areas of life nowadays so-called ‘Disruptors’ are offering new ways to do things! Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, the list goes on, and whilst they have many good points, are there any negatives??   I will concentrate on the areas I know most about, the car industry!  …
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Robin's diary 13th September 2017


After covering some heavy subjects in the diary recently, this week it’s back to Sport  because all our local football teams are doing so well - Castleford are doing the same in Rugby League, so we at last have some success locally to cheer about. Still on the subject of sport I will…
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Robin's Diary 31st August 2017


Last week I received a great compliment, and it was all down to this diary, which started 7 years ago, firstly as part of my newspaper adverts and then added to social media.  Over the years, I have received many comments from readers about my diary content, many  readers will never buy a…
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Robin's Diary 18th August 2017


I have just read a piece on the BBC website about drivers with more than 12 points on their licence who have not been banned!  In fact, more than 10,000 motorists have more than 12 points, and the north of England has the most!  This particularly annoys me, as I got three tickets, all…
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Robin's Diary 3rd August 2017


This week saw some surprising news - since adding Mitsubishi to the Renault / Nissan alliance, they have achieved the No 1 spot for the largest worldwide supplier of cars - overtaking the previous Top Dogs the VW Group, and pushing Toyota into 3rd  position!! It was certainly a surprise to me,…
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Luscombe’s Leeds celebrate a ‘winning’ first half of 2017


Their success at the Motor Trader Awards in London this month, when they were Highly Commended for their Customer Care and won the Social Media award, symbolised the culmination of a ‘winning six months’ for the privately owned Leeds based Suzuki and Mitsubishi dealer, Luscombe’s…
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Robin's diary 19th July 2017


Health and Safety or “the excuse of Health and Safety” feature this week! (also known as Elf n Safety by Littlejohn, a columnist in the Daily Mail!!) Can you believe that a tooth removed at the dentist cannot be kept, due to health and safety!  My wife had to have one removed this…
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Robin's Diary 6th July 2017


It looks like car dealers are now being blamed for selling cars to people who want them, because they may not be able to keep up finance payments, and the car may be worth less than they owe on it! And it's all OUR fault?!  Not the fault of the banks who lend the money and collect the…
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Robin's Diary 22nd June 2017


It might be just me, being a grumpy old man, but are we going gambling mad? The number of adverts on TV for some sort of gambling, betting, bingo, or similar, must mean there is plenty of money to be made for the “bookies” - but how can that be when the news programmes tell us we are all…
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Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds Hosts Event to Celebrate Local Rugby Volunteer Heroes


As part of England Rugby and Mitsubishi Motors UK’s Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Year Awards, Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds held an event on Friday 2nd June to celebrate nominees from a number of local rugby clubs across the Yorkshire region.   Andrew Bevan of Sandal RUFC  was…
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Robin's Diary 25th May 2017


Doesn’t time fly!!  The end of this month will be the end of our seventh financial year in business - after starting with just 12 staff, we now 55!  In year one,  we helped customers buy 635 cars, this year it will be 1900+! We have picked up a few awards en route and won many…
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Robin's Diary 27th April 2017


It’s another great bank holiday weekend, but it looks like the cold and snow just came a little early to spoil the holiday, that’s a first!  But I headed up to Scotland on Wednesday for 2 days, riding in an international classic bike trial, so have caught the snow and cold- but life…
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Robin's Diary 12th April 2017


Next week I will be in London with one of our younger employees who has won a place in the Motor Trader Rising Stars Award, with the presentation on Wednesday morning, so well done Kasim, we are very proud of you! I am however not so excited about the train tickets, as we have to go to London early…
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Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds Supporting Day of Rugby 2017


Thursday 30th March 2017 is the day that the White Rose Schools Rugby Series Day of Rugby will be held at West Park Leeds RUFC at The Sycamores, Bramhope, Leeds LS16 9JR.    The games will commence at 2pm and run until around 8 or 9pm, - There are already 142 teams confirmed to attend but…
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Robin's Diary 29th March 2017


I am asked regularly about ‘Robin’s Diary’ and I can assure you that apart from a couple when I have been away, I do write them all.  Another regular question is how I find something to say every week, and this week I must admit I am struggling!! I don’t want to get…
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Robin's Diary 15th March 2017


What a fantastic sporting weekend England have just enjoyed in the 6 Nations Rugby, equalling the World Record for the most consecutive Test wins for a Tier One Nation– 18 in total!! Incredible!!  And if they manage the unthinkable on Saturday and beat Ireland, not only will England beat…
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Robin's Diary 1st March 2017


Starting off this week’s diary with Congratulations to the Mighty Yorkshireman, Joe Root, on his appointment as the next England Test Cricket Captain - I am sure you will agree with me that it is a great appointment and he will do an excellent job …Sticking with Yorkshire and the heat…
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Luscombe Mitsubishi in Leeds has won a major industry award.   The dealership, in Low Road, Hunslet, eclipsed hundreds of rivals to take home the coveted ‘Best Use of Video’ award at the prestigious AM Awards 2017, organised by Automotive Management magazine.   As well as being…
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Robin's Diary 14th February 2017


We had a big week last week, on Thursday night we were in Birmingham for the Automotive Management Awards 2017 and are delighted to report we were shortlisted for 5 awards and came away with 1 win and 1 Highly Commended, which considering we were up against the best car dealerships in the UK from…
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New Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV


Here's a sneak preview (courtesy of Auto Express) of how the New Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV production car could look - it's still about a year away but Auto Express reckon it has real potential and it will be a serious rival for the Nissan Qashqai     
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Mitsubishi L200 named Best Pickup at Carbuyer Awards 2017


Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds are celebrating again - this time it is the much acclaimed L200 which has another major award to add to its collection, for Best Pickup at the 2017 Carbuyer Awards in London.      The award judges praised the L200 saying it is 'better than ever' with…
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Robin's Diary 3rd February 2017


Not a good week for Leeds Utd fans, but early exits from the FA CUP are not new - I can remember them losing to Colchester then in the 4th division in the 70/71 season, when Leeds were the best team in the land, but back then, the Leeds team had all the aces, they didn’t rest players for the…
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Robin's Diary 19th January 2017


Well it’s been a great week so far for Luscombe’s Leeds –  we held a Company meeting for the entire Luscombe team on Tuesday night to pat ourselves on the back and say a big thank you to each and every one of them for helping us to achieve some great success to date in all…
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Robin's Diary 6th January 2017


A New Year but the diary is still here, and firstly let me wish you all a very Happy New Year from everyone here at Luscombe’s.   What a 2017 it could be locally with Leeds Utd, Bradford City and Huddersfield Town all doing great - let’s hope they can keep it going until May –…
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Robin's Diary 22nd December 2017


It’s difficult this week to find good news to talk about, but I am going to do my best and look back at the high points of 2016.    England Rugby winning the grand slam was a good start, the Olympics were amazing for the UK and especially Yorkshire, with the Brownlee brothers…
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Robin's diary 8th December 2016


I think it’s about time we celebrate Leeds United’s recent success - and could this finally be the year they put Leeds firmly back on the footballing map?? And not before time - but let’s not get too excited as there’s a long way to go, but they really do deserve a massive…
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Robin's Diary 23rd November 2016


This week I am just going to ask a couple of questions, I don’t know the answers, but would be interested to hear from you, so the first is about the John Lewis advert, and asks the question if it’s sensible to use wonderful dogs to pull on the heart strings at this time of year, when we…
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Robin's Diary 10th November 2016


A week of shocks - first we get snow in early November, which is very unusual, and who knows if we are going to get more through the real winter months, or is this it for the year??  And talking about not being able to predict the future, Donald Trump is the new President of the USA!! …
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Robin's diary 27th October 2016


This week it’s a bit of a moan, and what gets me going is the constant way the TV news tells us bad news, they get rid of the new England Manager, tell us the world will end with Brexit, now everything will cost more with the exchange rates - but surely they could give us good news and make us…
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Robin's Diary 13th October 2016


  Huge disappointment in the office this week that Will Young has left Strictly Come Dancing and Benjamina’s departure from Bake Off was a real shock –and can anyone guess who is going to die on Emmerdale?? By now you may have realised that Robin isn’t able to write his diary…
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Robin's Diary 29th September 2016


  I just can’t resist coming out of the closet on a controversial subject this week - Sam Allardyce - and my take won’t suit everyone, but I think he has been silly rather than corrupt -he hasn’t broken any rules, or actually committed a crime, and if his players can get…
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Robin's diary 15th September 2016


  The talk of the dealership this week is all about the amazing storm on Tuesday night, it’s very rare we see such an amazing lightning storm in England, it’s the sort of thing normally seen in warm countries when on holiday, so maybe Yorkshire will become the holiday hotspot with…
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Robin's Diary 31st August 2016


  It’s always a busy time for everyone at the dealership when the new registration is launched and this week has been no exception - so a Big Thank You first and foremost to the staff who once again have done a great job, cleaning, invoicing, registering, etc all the new 66 Reg cars - and…
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Robin's Diary 18th August 2016


  Well it’s an easy diary to write this week, with the super success at the Olympics, especially for Yorkshire once again, with plenty of medals coming back to “God’s Country” and it just proves Yorkshire is the best place in the world to live and be born in!!  …
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Robin's Diary 3rd August 2016


  We have just been invited to a Mitsubishi meeting in October at Twickenham, so hopefully they have done a deal to get involved with the England Rugby team, and what great timing that would be if they have, after England's resurgence beating the Aussies 3.0 last month, you never know, we…
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Robin's Diary 21st July 2016


It looks like Super Sam Allardyce is going to try and put some glory back into English football, there will be many doubters due to his style, forthright opinions, and his accent, but I for one think he is a great choice - he won't be bullied, knows what he wants, he will have a plan, and he…
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Luscombe Mitsubishi  in Leeds have supplied one of the world’s leading bag sealing company with two pre-owned Outlander PHEVs. Select Bag Sealers in Hunslet were given the award-winning vehicles by Luscombe Mitsubishi in Low Road and they will be used by employees making the daily commute…
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Robin's Diary 11th July 2016


We have just arrived back in Yorkshire after a trip to London for the Motor Trade Oscars, the Motor Trader Awards at the Grosvenor House on Park Lane and once again we came back with a win, and this year we also made the final in another category, so that’s 4 wins in 6 years, up against the…
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Robin's diary 6th July 2016


Last week one of our Sales Executives unfortunately had his house broken into and his Demo Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up , which had been parked on his drive, was stolen – Thankfully, due to the power of social media, (unfortunately not the police), after we posted it on our Facebook page and paid…
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Robin's diary 30th June 2016


What a week, where do I start, football, politics, leaders, elections? Well I am going to give them all a miss as I think we have all had enough of it, so what do I say then, let’s start off with an amazing performance last Saturday by the Rugby team, beating the Aussies 3.0 down under, with…
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Robin's diary 22nd June 2016


Just have to start this week’s diary with a Massive Congratulations to the Welsh Football team and the England Rugby team, and hopefully next I can offer the same to the English footballers, but on current form I think I will need to find something else to write. Whilst Wales have done great,…
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Robin's diary 15th June 2016


At the time of writing, I have no idea what the result will be of the England Wales game in the Euros, but I guess by Thursday afternoon, all us English will either breathe a sigh of relief or become Welsh football supporters, and on our past performances in tournament football it could well be the…
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Robin's Diary 8th June 2016


Loads of stuff to write this week so let’s start with the fastest news -  Bingley’s Ian Hutchinson wins 2 Isle of Man TT races in one day, not a bad day’s work, well done Hutchy!! Just ever so slightly slower was Valentino Rossi’s win in Moto GP at the weekend, so that…
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Robin's Diary 2nd June 2016


Even though we are in West Yorkshire, I can’t let the week pass without a massive congratulations to both Hull and Barnsley for Wembley playoff wins and achieving promotion, good news for Yorkshire, but just a pity is wasn’t Leeds and Bradford.  There have also been loads of…
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Robin's diary 26th May 2016


I must admit I am struggling to know what to write this week - I am sure you don’t want to read any more about football managers, or the referendum as that is dominating the news, and I can’t think of anything positive about Leeds Rhinos, so apart from Jonny Bairstow’s amazing Man…
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Robin's diary 11th May 2016


This week I have discovered an employee, who left 18 months’ ago, decided to put some abusive photos on one of our review sites, and inform them we were permanently closed, but fortunately we have found them and they will be removed, and as the ex-employee has had at least 4 jobs since he…
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Robin's Diary 4th May 2016


This week we heard that our Sales Manager Mark Reynolds has been shortlisted for the Motor Trader Sales Manager of the Year Award to be announced at the Grosvenor House in London in July, where he will be competing against the top people from the UK motor trade, so a massive well done to Mark for…
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Robin's diary 27th April 2016


It’s a big weekend for me, as I am off to Scotland for the biggest biking weekend of the year, the Pre 65 Scottish followed by the Scottish 6 Days - but just the 2 days on the old bikes for me - 6 days on a bike on the Scottish mountains is just a memory now, 2 is fine, and hopefully my 1964…
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Robin's Diary 21 April 2016


This week we have been busy helping the locals - we use the Thwaites Mill complex to photograph our used cars for the web, and they suffered in the floods at Christmas, and lost lots of their equipment, so we have donated them a lawn mower, which should help to keep this hidden gem in Leeds looking…
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Robin's Diary 13th April 2016


On Monday this week I went to pay my respects to Martin Lampkin, probably unknown to many reading this, but not only was he World Champion in 1975, and a legend in the Motor Cycle world, but he was a good guy and I am fortunate enough to have known him for many years, and to be able to consider him…
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Robin's diary 6th April 2016


It’s been a busy week for me, as I went to the National Automobile Dealer Association Convention in the US, which is a massive event with 24,000 car dealers from across the world attending to see the latest trends and ideas - and now I have to make sure we stay ahead of the game - but it was…
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Robin's Diary 31st March 2016


Well what a week for English Sport, with the cricketers making the Final of the T20 World Cup, and the footballers coming back from 2.0 down to beat Germany 3.2 - so am I getting too excited or is it really the time for England to do well in the big tournaments??? And what about my team, Bradford…
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Robin's Diary 24th March 2016


Well last weekend’s football results will teach me “not to put the cart before the horse” getting excited about Leeds Utd and Bradford City winning 63 games on the trot, as both lost last Saturday!! For me it was a busy weekend competing in the Ilkley Motor Clubs Grand National on…
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Robin's Diary 17th March 2016


This week I have been to the Mitsubishi Annual Dealer Conference, where the dealers are informed about the plans for the next 12 months, and there is some really exciting stuff happening - all will be revealed in due course -needless to say it electrified all of us! This week I can certainly mention…
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Robin's Diary 10th March 2016


This week, or rather for the last few weeks, I have been trying to increase, speed up our broadband connection, and I am sure many of you will have been through the same issues -with companies using different lingo, words and acronyms, and trying their best to confuse me - and it’s not hard to…
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Robin's Diary 3rd March 2016


This week is the Geneva Motor Show, the biggest in Europe, with everyone showing both their new models, and the concept cars of the future - both Suzuki and Mitsubishi have new models for the Summer, which is great news for us all.  However, the concept cars on show did prompt a few thoughts,…
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Robin's the star of his own commercials


Robin Luscombe, MD of award winning Luscombe Mitsubishi on Low Road, Hunslet in Leeds has always set his business apart by his entire team’s objective of ‘treating customers as we would like to be treated ourselves’ – In his efforts to achieve that, Robin’s approach has…
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Robin's diary 24th Feb 2016


This week I was very lucky to go to Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in Oxfordshire, owned by Raymond Blanc – I was invited by Suzuki GB, as 1 of 6 members of the Suzuki 500 Club, for selling more than 500 new Suzuki cars last year - as you can see it’s an exclusive club, and a wonderful…
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Robin's Diary 18th February 2016


Normally I don’t talk about cars in the diary, but this week I have to mention that the Government Grant for the Outlander PHEV which is currently £5,000 towards the cost of a New Car, directly from the tax man, changes on or before 29th Feb - if the money runs out before it will end…
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Robin's Diary 12th Feb 2016


We had a TV crew from ITN in the showroom this week making a video about the Motor Trade, sponsored by the Institute for the Motor Industry, which Natasha Kaplinsky will present - unfortunately she didn’t come to the showroom, but a few of us were caught on film and will no doubt be very…
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Robin's Diary 5th February 2016


A sad week with news of not only Terry Wogan but also our own Jane who looks after our marketing suffered the loss of her Dad at the weekend, so our sympathies are with her and her family. On the up side I have been for the first time to the RAC Club in London for a secret retirement party for Ian…
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Robin's Diary 28th January 2016


Nothing exciting to celebrate sporting wise this week - LUFC managed a win against lowly Bristol, BCFC drew away, and we won’t mention the Cricket - so let’s just look forward to Super League starting soon!! Tuesday evening was our Annual Company Meeting - if I was posh I would call it a…
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Robin's Diary 21st January 2016


  Where do I start this week?  Well I have just returned from a motorbike trip on the Ho Chi Min Trail in Lao with a few mates, and riding through villages in remote parts of Lao with exploded American bombs makes me realise how lucky we are here in the UK!  But it was a great trip,…
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Tips for Winter Driving


Do you feel safe driving in wintry conditions?  Despite having driven for over 30 years, I still find that wintry conditions can pose numerous problems so I consider these to be some useful tips … • Adjust your speed to match the conditions and try not to brake sharply, use the…
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Robin's Diary 12 January 2016


Well Robin is away on holiday so as his PA and Marketing Manager,  I have been tasked with writing his diary this week!! There is not much to report about Yorkshire Sport and the media is more than covering the sad loss of David Bowie so ….. I reckon this is an ideal opportunity to let…
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Robin's Diary 6th January 2016


First diary of the New Year so I would like to wish Happy New Year to you all!! It’s obviously back to work for everyone this week and the kids are back at school too so that has meant the end of the easy drive to work!!  Patience is a virtue!! The New Year has started with some fantastic…
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Robin's diary 29th December 2015


This week’s diary is very easy, as I texted all the staff on Boxing Day morning at 9 am to ask for help moving new cars from our new car compound which is next to the River Aire, and by 9.30am we had a great turnout, wading through the water to move cars to safety, in the rain, on Boxing day…
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Robin's Diary 23 December 2015


Last Sunday was a great shot in the arm for all 16 year olds and all us much older folk who didn’t do great at school, and either did or are looking at “apprentice on the job training”, with Joseph winning The Apprentice - it just goes to show what you can do without a degree- and…
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Robin's Diary - 16th December 2015


You may not be aware, but I - or rather my wife who is a pet lover - has a couple of Bulldogs - and Yes I have heard all the jokes about them looking like their owners, so I guess they must be mine!! However on Monday, Lulu, the eldest of the two, suffered a fatal heart attack whilst at the vets,…
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Robin's diary 2nd December 2015


Ever heard of a bear with a sore head??  Someone incapable of writing?  Well unfortunately that’s how Robin is feeling today - However, it was self-inflicted as he is still recovering from very heavy celebrating having won two major awards in one night!! Yes on Monday evening, Robin…
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Robin's Diary 25th November 2015


We are all excited this week, because next Monday night both Car Dealer Magazine and Suzuki GB announce their award winners and we have a chance in both -  so fingers crossed and will tell all next week! On the sporting front, how much longer can it be until Leeds Utd gets the stability and…
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LUSCOMBE Mitsubishi Leeds gave guests a chance to see what their range of vehicles is capable of at Parkwood Off-Road Centre in Bradford. In a bid to show customers how well the Mitsubishi 4x4 range can perform in tough conditions, they were taken around the 4x4 route, in torrential rain, in the…
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Robin's Diary 17th November 2015


  What a busy week!  So much to talk about!! On Sunday morning I received a flood warning for our new car compound, next to the River Aire, so a quick text to the staff and I had about 20 people to help move the cars before the water got to them, it was about 2” away - fortunately we…
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Robin's Diary 12th November 2015


As you will see from all our marketing this week, we are busy this weekend with our Soft  Road 4x4 day -  come along it’s free and we have the stunning Xtreme stunt display team to entertain you as well!! I think there could be a North South divide on the subject of Rugby this week,…
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Robin's Diary 4th November 2015


I attended a meeting where Nigel Farage was the guest speaker this week – I have to say that regardless of his politics, which I will certainly not discuss here, I think he is a formidable speaker, and, like him or loathe him, he does speak his mind!  He managed to give an answer to the…
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Robin's diary 28 October 2015


This week can’t pass without mention of Moto GP, with just one round to go, and riders knocking each other off, it may be a Destruction Derby, not Moto GP, but great to watch!  But can Danny Webb finally clinch the 1st Motorcycling GP world championship since Barry Sheene, he almost did…
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A Warm Welcome Awaits you at the Luscombe Mitsubishi Open Weekend


All doors are open this Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2015 here at Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds for the All New 2016 Model Outlander PHEV Open Weekend Everyone is welcome to come on down and see for yourself how the first plug-in hybrid has just got even better – it is now faster, quieter…
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Robin's diary 22 October 2015


I am now back in Leeds after a road trip to France and Spain to compete in a couple of classic 2-day Motor Bike trials -  2,500 miles in 2 weeks, some stunning events and scenery, the odd bottle of wine, good company -  and even better - everything ran like clockwork here at the…
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Robin's Diary 25th September 2015


As you will see in the press, we have listened to feedback and changed the diary to make it easier to read -  I hope you like the changes and welcome your comments!! This week can’t pass without mention of the Rugby World Cup, and as we sell Japanese cars, we are now all supporting Japan,…
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New L200 Series 5 Launch Weekend


Mitsubishi’s all-new L200 Series 5 pick-up will be unveiled at a special launch event at Luscombe Mitsubishi in Leeds on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2015.   Guests will be able to test-drive the new vehicle and enjoy refreshments at the dealership on Low Road, Hunslet in Leeds…
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Robin's Diary 10th September 2015


REWARD £1000 Unfortunately we were victims of thieves to put it very politely last night, who relieved two of our vehicles of Wheels and Sat Navs etc and believe it or not brake calipers - but fortunately we have them on CCTV, so hopefully the police will recognise one of the six!  I know…
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Robin's Diary 4th Sept 2015


What a great week it’s been for Yorkshire Sport – The Leeds Rhino’s have done us proud winning the Challenge Cup for the second year on the trot – let’s hope they manage to win the Grand Final too in October!!  And last week saw the first league wins of the season…
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All the way from Aberdeen to buy from Luscombe Mitsubishi in Leeds


We welcome customers from far and wide – and are delighted to have today handed over a New L200 Challenger to Mr and Mrs Gerrard who live in Aberdeen. They visited the Mitsubishi Stand at the CLA Game Fair which Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds recently hosted at Harewood House near Leeds and we got…
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Robin's Diary (Mitsubishi) 26th August 2015


This weekend the Rugby world will be watching Leeds Rhinos hopefully lift the Challenge Cup AGAIN at Wembley, in what should be a great all Yorkshire Final. And if Rugby is not your sport how about the British Moto GP at Silverstone where we have 2 possible winners in Danny Kent in Moto 3 and Sam…
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Robin's Diary 18th August 2015


Congratulations this week go to Dan and Marie on the birth of their second child last week – they are all doing fine, and we just need Dan back asap, but I guess he will be happy to get away from the dirty jobs new dads have to do, I certainly couldn’t wait to come back to work 24 years…
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Robin's Diary 12th August 2015


After not daring to mention the Ashes recently for fear of speaking too soon, this week I have no fear, after an amazing performance in the last two tests, with not only Yorkshire’s Joe Root playing his part, but also Johnny Bairstow doing his bit last week -  Brilliant for the Country…
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Robin's diary 6th August 2015


To start this week, I am once again not going to tempt fate and say anything about this weekend’s Test Match except a massive well done to an England team who destroyed a great Aussie team last week!! Back at the garage we have grown a little with an extra driver and two new technicians, one…
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Robin's diary 28th July 2015


This week must be Cycling Week, Chris Froome’s incredible 2nd Tour win, our sponsored 2 time World Champion 13 year old Adam Morewood moving up an age class and finishing 4th in the world   and my mate Chris Akrigg has just released his latest video, well worth a watch - just Google…
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The CLA Game Fair at Harewood House this Friday, Saturday and Sunday


The Mitsubishi Motors Estate Challenge will be launched at the CLA Game Fair which is being held this Friday 31st July, Saturday 1st  and Sunday 2nd August at Harewood House in Yorkshire – The gundog competition is being sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors UK – entries are open to any…
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Great Review of the All New L200 Series 5


  Motoring Review have written the first review of the All New L200 - and here it is...   "Mitsubishi moves the double cab sector on significantly with the new L200. Highly accomplished in all areas, it now leads the sector and might even tempt a few SUV owners to move across.…
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Robin's diary 22nd July 2015


After the disaster last weekend at Lords, Cricket is forgotten until we win again - the only real news in the world of football is pre-season and transfers, so the highlight this week is the School Holidays and the faster, easier commute to and from work. It really is amazing how much traffic is…
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You can see the Auto Express Pick up of the Year 2015 sooner than you think!!


Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds will be hosting the Mitsubishi stand The CLA Game Faire which is to be held at Harewood House on Friday 31st June, Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd August 2015 – and the great news is that amongst other models in the Mitsubishi range on display,  we will have…
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MITSUBISHI’S stunning ASX crossover has had improvements made across the range and it’s available now from Luscombe Mitsubishi in Leeds Available with a choice of powerful, yet efficient, petrol and diesel engines, the ASX offers impressive fuel economy but still packs plenty of pulling…
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Robin's Diary 14th July 2015


We can’t let this week pass without mention of the Ashes, and hopefully by now England and the Yorkshire stars in the team will be putting the Aussies to the sword for the second time at Lords, but am I getting carried away with 1 win??   Whatever happens next we had a great start,…
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Robin's Diary 9th July 2015


  Last Saturday we all enjoyed a staff party to celebrate 5 years since we opened the doors in Leeds, and from the feedback so far, everyone had a great night, and enjoyed the fun.  I was incredibly proud of a couple of the original staff members who took it on themselves to share their…
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Robin's Diary 2nd July 2015


Very sad news that my old boss, friend and sponsor Colin Appleyard lost his battle with poor health earlier this week.  Having worked for him for 28 years, I can only look up to his achievements, his common sense approach, his energy and passion for his business and motor sport, his enjoyable…
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Luscombe Motors in Leeds, celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary!!!


Over the past five years, we really have gone from strength to strength – as always it hasn’t been plain sailing all the way, but thanks to our valued customers and our great team of staff we have built up a great business and won some fantastic awards. A major part of our success is…
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Robin's Diary 24th June 2015


I have always been a proud dad but it was with great satisfaction that I received my Father’s Day card last Sunday with a message that my son Sam had trawled the shops to find me a suitable Father’s Day gift and had instead decided to use his new found skills, gained since working at a…
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Robin's Diary 19th June 2015


So much to talk about this week, where do we start? Chris Evans to host and produce Top Gear, stepping into his mates shoes, should provide interesting TV, as no doubt Clarkson will have his own TV show soon - so the two will be battling to see who can be silliest with cars on TV. The new Football…
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Robin's Diary 11th June 2015


We can’t let this week pass without mention of the new England Cricket team, with a record beating win in a One Day International win over New Zealand, who recently lost the final of the ODI world Cup, so before we slump back to the old England, let’s celebrate a brilliant win, helped in…
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Interested in Towing from your Mitsubishi ….


If you are hoping to pull your caravan, trailer, horsebox, boat or anything else, we recommend you do so safely and legally. Mitsubishi Motors have produced this video providing great tips to get you started towing – safely.  It is important that you ensure you car can manage the load you…
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Robin's diary Thursday 4th June 2015


I must admit I was struggling to find some inspiration for my diary this week, after England failed to beat New Zealand at Headingley, but then good old Sepp Blatter finally did the right thing and resigned!   Maybe now football can clean itself up - Cricket has had big problems with match…
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Robin's Diary 29th May 2015


Following a great win in the first Test Match, the action moves to Gods Country for the 2nd Test and the Yorkshire members of the England team will want to put up a good show at Headingley this weekend - so good luck boys, keep up the winning streak!!   Sticking with sport, last Sunday was the…
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Another win for Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at the Fleet World Awards


The  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been named the Best Ultra Low Emission Vehicle at the 2015 Fleet World Awards – annual awards to motor manufacturers, service companies and people who the judges believe have achieved excellent in their sector. The Fleet World Honours are open to all…
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Mitsubishi extend their Outlander PHEV range


  The Outlander PHEV has certainly been a game changer for company car drivers, with very low tax banding, great incentives in corporation tax and considerable fuel savings – Collectively Mitsubishi Cars has sold over 10,000 units in less than a year since launch in the UK, but now we…
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Robin's Diary 22nd May 2015


This Bank Holiday weekend will see many of our teenagers concentrating on or panicking about upcoming exams, either GCSE or A levels, so here is a little advice - don’t panic -  whilst they are very important, it’s not the end of the world!  I left school at 16 with 5 O Levels,…
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It’s Official – Women Drivers are better than men!!!...


According to a survey carried out by Privilege Insurance, Female drivers outscored males not only in in-car tests but also when observed anonymously using one of the UK's busiest junctions - Hyde Park Corner. But another part of the survey found only 28% of women reckoned they were better…
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Robin's Diary 12th May 2015


Instead of football or rugby, this week I thought I would focus on Cricket, especially as here in Yorkshire we already provide most of the top England players and now the rumours suggest England want our very own Yorkshire Australian coach Jason Gillespie, who has done a brilliant job, putting…
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Mitsubishi Car Sales up 158% vs market increase of 6%


Mitsubishi Motors (UK) is building its strongest passenger car sales platform since the company began in March 1974. The brand is 59 per cent up on the same month last year, against a market up 5 per cent. Year-to-date Mitsubishi passenger car sales are up 158 per cent, versus a market increase of 6…
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Robin's Diary 7th May 2015


Well by the time this hits the press, I guess we will all know who will be in charge of the country for the next 5 years, and I am sure we all agree, whoever it is, we hope they do a good job!! Last week I was in Scotland for the Pre 65 2 day and start of the 6 Day trial, and congratulations to…
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Robin's diary 29th April 2015


I don’t normally talk about business in the diary, but as the football season is all but over, and in West Yorkshire there is nothing much to celebrate, and all the news is full of elections, I thought it would be fair to talk shop, and the Outlander PHEV continues to set new records for…
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Top Snowboarder Hits the Road to Uncover Hidden Talents


ONE of Britain’s top snowboarders has just picked up a new Mitsubishi ASX before embarking on a journey to encourage skiing and snowboarding stars of the future. Mitsubishi Brand Ambassador Zoe Gillings-Brier is about to head off on The Mitsubishi Motors Ski & Snowboard Talent ID Series,…
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The Outlander PHEV for only £299 per month? ....


The UK’s Best Selling Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle has become more affordable than ever before - If you're quick you can get hold of the UK's favourite hybrid for less than ever before. For a limited period only, here at Luscombe Mitsubishi in Leeds, we are able to offer Pre-Owned…
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Robin's diary 22nd April 2015


    With the news being full of General Election talk, and I am not going to join that discussion, and the local football teams’ seasons fizzling out with any fears of relegation or promotion, I will have to turn to Motor Sport - and once again the Brits are doing us proud in Moto…
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Robin's Diary 15th April 2015


After last week’s football results, we will stick to Rugby and Motor Sport - Leeds Rhinos continue their great start to the season, let’s hope they are still winning at the business end of the season -  but what a fantastic weekend for the Brits in Moto GP, with 2 yes 2 British…
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Robin's Diary 8th April 2015


What an Easter weekend, stunning weather for a change, sun not snow - let’s just hope it’s the sign of a good Summer not just a good April! Unfortunately nothing good to talk about in the football world, but Leeds Rhinos are making up for that with a great start to the season,…
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Robin's Diary 2nd April 2015


Great News from Mitsubishi – On 31st March they announced that the 10,000th Outlander PHEV was registered this afternoon.  This really is an outstanding achievement – we have a great choice of PHEV demonstration vehicles so why not call in and try one for yourself?   On a…
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Robin's Diary 27th March 2015


  It might not have been a good week for England Rugby, or in fact the local football team, but it was a Great Weekend for Luscombe Mitsubishi – We were awarded the 2014 Mitsubishi New Dealer of the Year! Yes we are absolutely delighted – we have now begun to even the score of…
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Robin’s Diary 19th March 2015


I was hoping I would be writing about Bradford City going to Wembley, but alas, it’s not to be, YET! Now they can turn their attention to the playoff final at Wembley in May.  Keeping on the football topic, Leeds Utd have turned their season round, let’s hope they keep up the…
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What a great start to the day – A Thank You text from a happy customer!!


The whole team here at Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds works hard to ensure that our customers are treated in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  We aim to provide a unique stress free environment when buying a new or used car and our sales staff are empowered to make decisions…
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Robin’s Diary 11th March 2015


Hot on the heels of the Geneva Motor Show, it’s the Mitsubishi Dealer Conference this week, in the not just as glamorous Watford!   But all being well we will get to hear more details about the new L200 Pick Up which is due later this year – rumours suggest it’s going to…
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Robin’s Diary 6th March 2015


It’s the Geneva Motor Show this week, with all the latest concepts and new models launches, and we are excited to announce the new L200 Pick up which will be here in the UK later this year – photos and details are all on our FB and Twitter – It’s a great time to have two…
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Robin’s Diary 18th February 2015


Being a Bradford City fan, it’s difficult not to mention last Sunday, when 20,000 Bradfordians cheered, sang and shouted their team to another great Cup win!! The noise and atmosphere in Valley Parade was unbelievable, and the team responded with a great show of true Yorkshire grit and…
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Robin’s Diary 10th February 2015


What a great weekend for England Rugby, with a stunning hard fought win over Wales in Cardiff, however in the past England have slipped up in the easier games, after great wins, so let’s all hope they don’t slip up.   On the football front, its Bradford City’s big game on…
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Robin’s diary 24th February 2015


  This weekend see’s the all-new 15 registration plates, with Sunday being March 1st – so everyone here at Luscombe’s is flat out getting cars ready for collection – and so far I am pleased to say that it looks like new car sales are still on the increase, certainly as…
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