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Robins Diary

This week it emerged that Facebook, like many other worldwide digital businesses, has paid very little tax in the UK.  I know it’s an incredibly difficult situation, as these companies don’t need to have a base here, and if they move their base, like many already have, to other countries like Ireland, the UK will get less.


I guess it’s just another case of those who earn or make the most money can find ways to avoid paying tax, but smaller, UK-based businesses and their employees have no choice other than to  pay tax.  Surely there should be a real degree of social responsibility for these massive and very profitable companies??


And talking about social responsibility, I watched a programme about the adverse impact that throwaway cheap fashion was having on water supplies in the developing world.


I must admit it’s hard enough just to run my business, so I do understand why generating profit is important, but we all, consumers and business owners alike, have some responsibility to look after the planet and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, and, maybe as I became a grandparent earlier this year, I am more concerned now than ever!


As a result of that, I am now looking into ways of generating our own power with solar panels on the roof, but, unfortunately, it appears a bit of a minefield to discover how best to do it.  I would certainly like to try to do my bit, and help.  I have also been looking into whether paper cups use more water and resources than reusable cups, which will have plastic in them, and will require water to wash them??  It really is so confusing, and that’s a major problem - it is not dissimilar to consumers trying to decide when buying a car which one is best for their particular use - Confused.Com!?  That’s why WE help people to buy the car that suits them compared to other dealers who sell the cars they want to get rid of!!



“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” Henry Ford


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Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty Road Tax – What impact will it have?

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