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Robins Diary

The best time to buy a new car!

I am often asked by friends about the best time to buy a car, a difficult question, as usually it’s when you need or want one, but now and again there are good reasons, sometimes driven by currency, sometimes by legislation, or sometimes just supply.

Well between now and the end of August is definitely one of those times, and it’s all driven by New emission testing, WLTP or Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure! A proper mouthful! So why does that make it a good time to buy a new car?

Manufacturers must sell most of their stock of all existing cars before the end of August, as they are only allowed to carry 10% of last year’s sales into September which usually accounts for about 20% of their sales for the year, so the deals between now and August for an 18 reg car will be the best for a long time - and much better than in September!

Not only is that a good time for a private buyer paying with his hard earned money, it is also much better for company car drivers as the new tests give the same cars considerably higher CO2 emissions on which benefit in kind income tax is calculated, so it will reduce the tax liability -  and any way to do that is good news -  and finally if or when new road tax rules come in, they will be calculated on WLTP emissions and be higher for cars under the new test. 

So it’s not a sales pitch, it’s just like we say, “we won’t sell you a car but we will help you buy one”, and if you take my advice, you will buy the new car you have been thinking about soon - but also it is important to realise that stock will become in short supply and you will need to drive it away in August, so don’t wait, because trust me, they will sell out and the new stock will be available in September/October  at a higher price with higher tax!!

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.  Charles R Swindoll

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