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Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds
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Robin’s Diary

I had a

n interesting conversation this week with an industry guru who has a broader knowledge across all brands than I have and he has confirmed my opinion that many reasons are combining together which will drive up the cost up of new cars in 2019.  Sadly I reckon the days of low priced new cars are waning and car buyers, who would previously have bought used cars but have recently upgraded to new cars instead, may well revert back to buying used cars.


Why? I hear you asking – As with most things, there are not just one or two ‘reasons’, just a moment in time when many ‘reasons’ come together at the same time.  I have already noticed the massively increasing technology which is being forced upon manufacturers for safety reasons, such as radar brakes, crash avoidance, lane departure, etc.  In most cases these are not necessarily wanted or needed by consumers, but are driven by NCap safety standards and legislation.  


Add to that the drive to reduce emissions, coupled with research and development to produce more efficient engines and vehicles, which all comes at a massive cost, especially when driven to change so quickly.   On top of that is the hybrid technology, which, again, manufacturers are forced via legislation to embrace, and already I hope you get the picture.


Interest rates have also seen increases, and manufacturers need to cover the cost of all the R and D and EV Tech - so they all need more money - or their alternative is to sell cars in markets worldwide that are growing and, remember, outside the EU, legislation is not at the same level! 


I can remember predicting about 10 or 12 years ago that new cars would never be cheaper than they were at that time, and I think we are at that point again! 


But don’t all panic because if new cars are more expensive, your used car will not devalue as fast, so that’s great if you own your car.   Unfortunately for those who have cars on contract hire, the benefit will be reaped by the leasing companies, but the days of handing back your car on PCP may be over, as it could well be worth in excess of the outstanding finance at the end of the agreement, which is exactly as the scheme was originally designed!


So there will as always be winners and losers, but it’s certainly going to be an interesting time, and the sub £10,000 new car could well be a thing of the past in 12 months’ time!!


“We are living toward incredible times where the only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing”.  Peter Diamandis

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Robins Diary
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Meeting the Team

On a regular basis, our man Iain Robertson will take time to introduce you to some of our newer members of staff, while assuring us that he will also highlight most of the Luscombe Suzuki staff that you have known for a number of years.

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  • At Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds, our aim is to create a unique, stress-free new and used car buying environment.
  • We are a small, privately owned and run business meaning we can offer a highly personal service in a friendly and relaxed manner.
  • As our business ethos states, we empower our straight talking sales staff to make decisions and to deal directly with customers
  • Our sales staff aren't constantly running back to faceless managers - Our managers come out of the office to assist you!
  • In order to provide the best possible service for customers, we have a very experienced and knowledgeable team of staff with many years of Mitsubishi experience
  • Located in close proximity to the M1 and M62, we serve a vast area in West Yorkshire but thanks to our reputation, we also sell cars to customers all over the UK.
  • We pride ourselves on our reputation! For this reason, we actively encourage you to leave your comments and reviews on Judge Service, Qype, Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook
  • Finally, if you have any questions, queries, problems or praise, the owner, Robin Luscombe would like to hear from you. Call him on his mobile - 07984 647938

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Here at Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds, we offer every model of Mitsubishi, in stock and available for you to test drive. What's more, our range of cars suits all budgets and needs, ranging from the compact Mirage Juro city car, to the Mitsubishi ASX crossover, designed to fit your life, or even the versatile Shogun which is ready for even the toughest challenges. If it's a real workhorse you need, then the L200 Series 5 is your ideal business partner – no surprise then that it has been voted Auto Express Winner of Best Pick-up 2015, 2016 and 2017 best in class for Total Load Capacity, 0-62 Performance, Maneuverability, 4x4 System and Fuel Economy of 42.8 mpg and Emissions of 173 g/km.  The game changing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the revolutionary Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle, offers incredible fuel economy on shorter journeys and only 9% benefit in kind for company car drivers. 

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